Afghan’s Election Results to be Reviewed by Tribunal

On November 24, 2010, the results of the five million votes made during Afghanistan’s second elections were revealed.  Since their release, controversy has erupted due to complaints made by losing candidates who claim voting fraud and corruption have compromised the validity of the results.  Allegations include the buying and selling votes, voter intimidation due to threats of violence, cheating, and vote manipulation. Months later in response to the multitude of complaints, Afghan President Hamid Karzai granted the Supreme Court’s request and approved the establishment of a tribunal to hear these complaints.  President Karzai has yet to endorse the controversial results of this election, but despite his attempt to remedy the situation though tribunal, it still remains unclear whether this tribunal has authority to alter the poll’s results even where an allegation of fraud or corruption is found to be true.  Is such a tribunal a necessity for Afghanistan during a time where its democracy is developing or will it cast further doubt upon the country’s ability to hold elections and govern itself?

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