Does Israel Really Want To Negotiate Or Just Appear That They Do?

Recently Israel has said that they are interested in resuming talks with Palestine, but not without making some reservations.  Most importantly, Israel does not want to stop new building in land taken by Israel in the 1967 war.  This is a real point of contention, as building in land that Palestine insists should be part of a new Palestinian state can be viewed by the Palestinian’s as a slap in the face.  Israel does not want to give up land that they fought so hard to get, and certainly does not want to be viewed as a nation apt to give in to pressure.  Israel is still in existence because of their unwillingness to give in even in the face of seemingly insurmountable threats.  As peace talks are again on the table, is Israel taking the right approach?

In my view, I do not think that peace in the Middle East is a possibility any time soon.  The issues that divide both sides are simply too divisive at this point in time.  When two groups have such deep rooted hatred for each other, it is hard for any peace talk or treaty to make a true lasting change.  Change must start with the children.  Both sides need to teach their children tolerance and a desire to work with one another, and not instill the deep rooted hatreds that they were raised with.  Maybe then in generations to come lasting peace will be a possibility.

It has been three years since peace talks in Israel.  As Israel and Palestine again move towards peace talks, will they again be derailed by Israel’s unwillingness to give any concessions?  Should concessions be given? Is peace in the Middle East really a possibility at this point in time?

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