Ceasefire In Syria

A tentative ceasefire has taken place in Syria, a nation in which over the last few months has been ravaged with violence, with estimates putting the death toll at over nine thousand.  The ceasefire was lead by UN efforts to quell violence in that nation.  Hopefully, this ceasefire is a sign that peace can be brought to Syria with no commitment of foreign troops.  As I discussed in an earlier post, I do not think any U.S. troops should be committed to Syria, and I am hopeful that this ceasefire will eliminate any need for such action.

The lasting effects of this ceasefire are far from certain, with some in the UN suggesting that a UN “observer force” be put on the ground in Syria to maintain the ceasefire.  Such a commitment of UN forces could pave the way for outside military involvement, which could have untold consequences in Syria.  Before any “observer force” is sent, perhaps it should be determined whether the Syrian people really want such a force in their nation.

The Syrian people likely want to determine their own future, and when other nations get involved, especially on the ground, such decisions can be taken away from the people.  While the foreign nation may believe they are doing the right thing, most would rather determine their nation’s form of governance for themselves.  It will be interesting to watch the effects this ceasefire has in the coming days and if foreign ground forces get involved.  Lastly, what if any role should the UN and foreign nations have in creating a new government in Syria, if that is what in fact occurs?

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