The Megaupload Battle Continues

As most people probably already know from surfing the web looking for websites to stream movies and tv shows on, its surely  no secret that Megaupload has been shut down. The controversy involved with Megaupload seem to be never ending. Kim Dotcom, the owner of Megaupload, has refused to go down without a fight, and now, this newest story has emerged.

The story is that of Kim Dotcom and Megaupload accusing the United States of attempting to rewrite international law. Dotcom wants the case against Megaupload thrown out because he claims that it is illegal for the United States to bring charges in a foreign country. After all, Megaupload is based in Hong Kong, thus making it a foreign company. However, the United States claims that even though Megaupload is a foreign country, it is not immune from US laws since the company does business within the United States.

Megaupload has been quoted as stating:

“The Government bears the burden of proving that it has validly served Megaupload within the letter of the Rule, see United States v. Porter, and effectively concedes it cannot carry it. So the Government instead urges this Court to rewrite the Rule. It specifically puts forth three alternative arguments that no federal court has ever accepted, as far as we are aware, and for which it cites not a single relevant precedent.”

For now, the question centers around how the law will be interpreted.  Is this a losing battle for US anti-piracy laws, or will the law be interpreted broadly enough to nab Megaupload?

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