The Israel-Palestine peace talks are ones that have gone on for what seems like an eternity and never has any serious progress been made as a result.  This is due to stubbornness on both sides and it would seem old habits die hard when it came to Vice President John Kerry and his attempts to negotiate peace talks with the two states.  Kerry has been to and from the are and in constant contact with the states for a little over a year in attempts to reach some kind of agreeable deal.  However, with Israel not willing to release a group of prisoners they had taken it would seem the discussions all but came to a halt.  Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has occupied a good portion of recent months applying to join numerous different international treaties.  After this lengthy time spent it is no surprise that Kerry is near the end of his rope with trying but the Palestinians have made it clear this is the last thing they want.  They urged Kerry to continue his attempts in reaching a deal.  The issue of land is one that will take extensive negotiating before it can be resolved in a satisfactory and equitable manner but how can the states get to this point if the issue of the release of the prisoners cannot even be dealt with.  Israel already released three groups in order to further peace talks, so what is one more group?  While the hold is not all on Israel, discussions will not continue until this roadblock is removed.  All the past months talks and work will be to no avail if both states do not learn how to swallow their pride, and quickly.

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