Modern Day Slavery in Lebanon

Domestic workers from other countries have been lured to Lebanon by promises of high pay, but once they arrive, many of these workers are physically and emotionally abused.  When they arrive in Lebanon, the Lebanon police give the workers’ passports to their employers, and many employers refuse to return the passports and won’t allow workers to leave.  The problem may be the system that allows these workers into Lebanon.  Employers pay fees to recruitment agencies, which  handles the workers’ immigration papers and provides a monthly salary.  Because employers have already paid, they believe they need not grant rights to the domestic workers.  Additionally, there are no laws in Lebanon that allow for protection of these workers.  Employers still hold most of the power over their workers.  Something needs to change in order to prevent this modern day slavery from continuing.  In some nations, citizens are not allowed to travel to Lebanon to work, although many workers find ways around the bans because they are so desperate for money.  This video from CNN explores the problem and one solution workers are choosing – suicide.

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