The Chinese Communist Party Purges Dissent

This past week, Bo Xilai, a party chief of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was promptly removed from his post.  According to the CCP, Mr. Xilai’s wife, Gu Kailai was responsible for the death of a British Business person.  The Politburo, the Chinese legislature, insists that Mr. Xilai has committed serious infractions which require discipline.  Mr. Xilai was a rising member of the CCP, who was expected to become a member of the prestigious nine member standing committee of the politburo.  The CCP is implying that Mr. Xilai participated in a cover up the murder.

Critics of the CCP claim that China is trying to stifle dissent amongst leadership.  Basically, they claim that a power struggle is growing amongst the elite in China, and Mr. Xilai’s removal is part of that power struggle.  Mr. Xilai aligned with a portion of the CCP who modeled themselves after former Chairman Mao.  Mr. Xilai also believed that the get rich culture of the elite, including top generals, was stifling the Maoist vision of the nation.  Either way, it is clear that dissent amongst the CCP is not appreciated.

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