Glenn Greenwald on Post-Bin Laden America

How has America changed since the death of Osama Bin Laden? Glenn Greenwald makes the case that we have only tightened up on our fight against local terrorism since then. Is their really a need to clamp down more on the war since his death? What does this tell us about his importance in the first place, and what does this tell us about our ability to fight this threat? I am curious as to where this goes because we really can’t afford any missteps given the economic and political standing we have in the world right now. We can’t afford to make the same mistakes again.

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  1. I think that these actions seem to make sense despite the killing of Bin Laden. Al-Qaeda is a very spread out network of individuals and even though he was the leader, his absence does not get rid of the whole group and their threat. It is likely that the US will continue efforts against this group for years to come.

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