A Timeless Conspiracy

Rumors of conspiracy reportedly escaped from the trial of Sgt. Danny Nightingale after a witness and his parents gave some unexpected testimony. The rumors, surprisingly enough, have little if anything to do with the purpose of the trial. Sgt. Nightingale was charged with possessing illegal weapons. The newsworthy information, however, pertained to the death of a very beloved and missed individual – Princess Diana.

The parents of the witness, who has been labeled by the press as “Soldier N,” testified that their son claimed to have boasted to his wife “that an SAS unit called The Increment had contrived to make Diana’s chauffeur crash into the 13th pillar of Paris’s Pont de l’Alma Tunnel on August 31, 1997, by disguising a secret service agent as a paparazzo to shine a strobe light into the driver’s eyes.” KTRH. This was enough to make Scotland Yard, the Metropolitan Policy Service located in London, announce that it would be, after 16 years, investigating the death of the princess.

A spokesman from Scotland Yard told a very interested public that “[t]he Metropolitan Police Service is scoping information that has recently been received in relation to the deaths and assessing its relevance and credibility.” The Daily Beast. Diana died at the age of 36 when she and her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, hit a pillar in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris. The couple was being driven by Henri Paul to Dodi’s apartment after leaving the Ritz Hotel. Paul also lost his life that night. The coroner’s report indicated that Paul had been intoxicated and had been driving at high speed at an attempt to avoid the ambush of paparazzi. While there have been many talks of a conspiracy since that shocking day, the Metropolitan Police have indicated that these most recent claims seem to be the only ones worth investigating.

News of Diana never ceases to capture the public’s attention, as she was, and very much still is, the world’s most beloved princess. Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed, who was formerly the owner of Harrods Department Store, insisted from the very night that his son and Diana died, that they had been intentionally killed by the British military at the behest of the royal family. There was talk of an engagement announcement, that the royal family planned the accident in an attempt to prevent Diana’s union with a Muslim.

Ten years after her death, a letter that Diana wrote in 1993 to Paul Burrell had surfaced. In the letter she claimed that Prince Charles was planning to have her killed: ‘This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous…My husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury.’ The Daily Beast.

After having just read her biography, I too am captured by Princess Diana. I await the results of this investigation and wonder what, after all this time, is still left to uncover.


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  1. The situation surrounding Princess Diana continues to be a tragedy, especially after the birth of what would have been her first grandchild. Despite the fact that the accident was thoroughly investigated, conspiracy theories are still haunting. While a royal divorce and flashy new relationship must not have been pleasing to the conservative monarchy, it definitely makes one question how much influence they had on the investigation. While some theories seem plausible, others are absurd. Especially with the recent events surrounding WikiLeaks and Snowden, it is no wonder so many question this controversy and the government as well.

    Looking into the credibility of “Soldier N”, one may be suspicious of these new revelations. However, the Scotland Yard did find the information compelling enough to further examine the matter. Is the investigation sincere in its attempts to find justice for Diana, or is it motivated by the desire to silence the rumor? While this just may be another tale in Diana’s conspiracy saga, it is clear that many are still mystified by the accident and yearning for more answers.

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