International Disagreement with Russian Military Intervention in Ukraine


Tensions rise as military movements taken by Russia occur within the Ukraine. President Obama made sure President Vladimir Putin, Russia President, knew “the United States will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine.”

I’m sure many of you have no idea or are just confused as to why this is all occurring. I, too, find it quite complicated. The history between Russia and Ukraine has always been shaky. Ukraine used to be part of various Russian empires. In fact, some regions in Ukraine have Russian majorities.

So, it seems to me that the whole military intervention arose due to protests occurring within Ukraine. Protests occurred because a trade pact with the European Union was not signed. This would have generated economic growth with the European Union. However, Prime Minister Yiktor Yanukavych decided not to follow through with the agreement. This outraged many Ukranians, and led their Prime Minister out of office, who is currently residing in Russia.

Now, Russia approved of military action in Ukraine because President Putin claims he “reserves the right to defend its interests and the Russian-speaking people who live there.”  So which part of Ukraine did he start sending troops? Crimea. Why? Because about 60% of the residents speak Russian and Crimea used to be a part of Russia until 1954. To me, this whole “I’m going into Russia to help my fellow Russian speaking citizens” is a cover-up to try to regain back their old region. Many Russians still question the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine, because it was done by Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev out of a “gesture of goodwill”, who had Ukrainian roots.

Many countries, including U.S., are claiming Russia has broken international law under Article 2(4) of the U.N. Charter, which prohibits states from engaging in any threats or use of force against another state.  Russia claims they have every right to do so in order to protect their Russian supporters. However, in my opinion, no matter how many people in Ukraine speak Russia, they have no right to invade. As far as I am concerned, the Russian military base in Crimea has not been threatened in any way thus far. Moreover, I still believe this is just an excuse for Russia to attempt to take back what used to be theirs. I am very curious to see what Obama plans on doing if Russia does not pull back their military.

Do you think Russia has any right to invade Ukraine? What do you think will happen if Russia does not listen to anyone?


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  1. Russia definitely has no right to invade the Ukraine and should leave Ukraine to deal with their issues; either through civil war or internal negotiations. However, it is quite hypocritical that the United States is attempting to prevent Russia from intervening in this conflict. United States history is ripe with examples of intervening in civil wars and other conflicts in regions that they have had minimal interests in. While there may have not been overt military incursions in most cases, the supplying of weapons and support have been ever present to protect their “interests” in the region. Russia is doing the same thing, but their interests may be less cognizable and may not even be plausible. I believe that all of this is just posturing. Russia is trying to assert its control in the region and the United States will try to bully Russia into submission, with neither of them really committing to anything fully in fear of war with the other. However, if Russia does eventually decide to push its way into the Ukraine and create a war with the protesters, this will give the United States enough reason to provide “support” to the “rebels” and fight Russia without really fighting Russia.

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