WHO and Global Pandemics

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The recent presence of the coronavirus struck the world with terror for yet another quickly spreading virus with lethal strength.  The stock market declined,[1] and the United States urgently scheduled civilian flights for Americans to travel home safely.[2] Yet, there was negative feedback on the WHO’s response to the recently imminent Coronavirus.[3]

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) goal is to attain the “highest possible level of health” for all people.[4]While the coronavirus is not an influenza, it has similar characteristics, such as its capacity to spread.[5]   This virus is known to be a pandemic because it is a “worldwide spread of a new disease.”[6]  According to the WHO, the Coronavirus is in the “alert phase” of a pandemic,[7] but it ended up sending more than 60 million people into quarantine,[8] which allegedly put the World Health Organization into a “difficult position.”[9] Considering “[a] pandemic will affect the whole of society,”[10] Chinese officials along[11] with the country’s risk management was largely criticized.[12]

Originally, the doctor that highlighted the Coronavirus was being investigated for informing people of its existence through a popular web platform, “WeChat.[13]” The Chinese government looked into this doctor, who lost his life to the virus himself, because such a message to the public was “illegal behavior.[14]” Considering his warning on a deadly virus, one would think such “whistleblowing” would be applauded.

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