Cultural Annihilation: The Chinese Communist Party’s Extermination Campaign Against the Uyghurs and its Violations of International Law

A blog post by Christina Stewart, Junior Associate.

The Chinese Government is conducting a direct cultural annihilation—an extermination campaign and dilution of culture and identity—against the Uyghurs, an ethnic-minority group native to Xinjiang, China, and other Turkic people in the region.[1] Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities face egregious human rights violations, the likes of which are eerily reminiscent of the Holocaust: torture through electrocution, systematic rape, organ harvesting, forced consumption of pork and alcohol which violates their religious beliefs, forced sterilizations, mass internment camps, censorship, disappearances, and the list goes on.[2] Without question, this campaign constitutes gross violations of international law and an existential threat to the international community.

2017 and 2018 internal documents from Xinyuan County’s justice system, a county located in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, detailed a plan to transform “key groups” through education— which really means indoctrinating the Uyghurs.[3] One leaked document specifically listed the education process as “washing brains, cleansing hearts, strengthening righteousness and eliminating evil.”[4] The order to indoctrinate and “educate” Uyghurs came directly from China’s President, Xi Jinping, following a 2014 terrorist attack by Uyghur separatists.[5] The imagined threat of the so-called ideological virus of the Uyghurs created a sense of insecurity among the CCP.[6] Grappled with the paranoia of dissenters speaking out, leaders in the CCP determined that China must be purged of them.[7] The only way to purge them is to segregate them and subject them to re-education. The establishment of internment camps became justifiable; it became a necessity.[8] This was China’s solution to the Uyghurs and all ethnic minorities: they needed to be cured of their ideological virus. The same mindset continues today.

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