Egyptian ex-president Mohamed Mursi went on trial last week for inciting murder and violence, giving Hamas confidential security information, and insulting judges.  Any normal man faces such serious allegations would tremble at the hearing yet Mursi refuses to take the trial seriously.  On top of that he claims he is still the country’s leader, despite the fact that he is currently in custody.  So what does this type of attitude mean and what effects will convicting Mursi have on Egypt?

If a judicial system is to be taken seriously it must be able to show that justice is blind and no one can escape judgment for his or her wrongs.  When you are dealt with a situation where you have a major leader on trial, one who still has a serious backing, you must approach the situation very delicately.  If Mursi is found guilty of one or all of the charges he is facing, it may cause a riot from his supporters however, if he is allowed to skate free you must deal with those who opposed he’s leadership.  Since the majority of the Egyptian population wants Mursi to be held accountable for his crimes then that is what must be done.  The international world must not interfere no matter the outcome and that is a crucial point.  It is very rare that a country wants outsiders to come in and tell them how to live their lives or who should make the rules they must follow.  Mursi must be shown that the population he once rules has decided they do not like how he did things and that they want justice for the wrongs he committed while he was their leader.  Egypt is in a very fragile state and every action they take and every action the international world takes must be very well thought out.  If the wrong move is made it can easily lead Egypt to a downward spiral but if the better choices are made; choices that provide for just leadership for the people then Egypt has the capability and rich culture to become one of the most prosperous countries in the Middle East.  Do you think this is a situation where the other countries should get involved?


Source: Aljazeera

Picture: SMH


  1. Other countries involvement in this situation could have both a positive and negative effect. The positive effect could be that with the assistance of other countries, it might help stabilize the situation and cause a more efficient and speedy trial. However, the negative impact of other countries’ involvement in the situation could be that there would be too many chiefs involved. Numerous opinions on how President Morsi’s trial should occur could cause chaos and it is likely that it could result in an unfair trial. I fear that regardless of which way Morsi’s trial concludes, the people of Egypt are still in danger. If Morsi is released of criminal liability for crimes committed, then there could be retaliation on the people who put him in jail and went against him. If his trial results in a form of punishment, then a new leader will be elected for the nation. Since the passed two president’s that have ruled over Egypt were not concerned with the well being of their people, it is very likely that the next ruler will almost have the same mind set. What is most important at this time is the end result for Egypt, that they are able to regenerate the magnificent country as it once was.

  2. I am firm believer of nations having sovereignty free from interference from their neighbors. Other countries or international organizations should refrain from getting involved in this mess. Egypt should be perfectly capable of handling the trial of Morsi and they should be the only authority to determine whether Morsi’s actions deserve blame. In the end, it is the citizens of Egypt who were affected by Morsi’s actions and they are the ones who will have to live with the decision regarding his actions for the rest of their lives. International organizations and countries could observe and monitor that the process of Morsi’s trial is carried out well but should definitely not influence the proceedings or get involved any further than that. I hope that this trial ends well for Egypt as a whole and like Amanda said above, I hope that the country regains its magnificence it once had.

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