Rouhani, another Ahmadinejad?

As the international world presses Iran to put a halt to its nuclear program, President Rouahni is showing he may be nothing more than another Ahmadinejad. There was quite a lot of excitement for the future of Iran after their newly elected president Rouhani made numerous public promises of a more compliant and peaceful Iran. However, the excitement was met, and overshadowed by, skeptics who refused to take Rouahni’s promises at face value and demanded concrete actions as proof. These skeptics may have been well within their right because as of now Iran and its new president has done nothing substantive to show it’s on a new path. Rather, Iran’s actions have been nothing more than cheap distractions to take attention from the fact that they refuse to budge on the hot button issue, their nuclear program.
The United Nations Security Council met in 2006 and adopted a number of resolutions to address and halt Iran’s Uranium enrichment program. The resolutions ranger from halting uranium enrichment to imposing sanctions and monitoring mechanisms to ensure Iran abides by the resolutions. However, currently Iran still continues to enrich uranium and has done nothing to slow down its nuclear program. Although, Rouhani has hired new, more diplomatic nuclear negotiations these actions pale in comparison to what has been asked of Iran for a substantially long period of time. Rouhani has, more or less, kept up the same blockades for international inspectors as Ahmadinejad did and is showing that he, more or less, following his path leadership step for step. Admittedly I was one of the numerous people who looked down upon the critics and urged people to give Iran and the new leader a chance to show they are turning over a new leaf. Unfortunately, so far there has been no real proof of this but let us hope for the international world’s sake that Iran has indeed turned over a new leaf and is just taking their time in backing their words up with action.

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  1. It seems to me that Iran is on the same old path again. Their continued nuclear operations have not stopped and do not seem that they will be stopping any time soon. The fact that Rouhani has hired new more diplomatic negotiators, seems to be contrived to merely distract international organizations from their true actions of further developing the country’s nuclear program. It is very disappointing to hear that Rouhani is not attempting to comply with international organizations to put a halt to Iran’s nuclear program. He made many promises of a new Iran and a nuclear free Iran and the fact he is acting exactly like his predecessor cannot be a good sign for the future of Iran. I hope that I am wrong and Hourani changes Iran for the better and puts a halt to its nuclear actions.

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