Public Edition Preview: Climate Change Negotiations and Doha, Qatar


Written by Sophia Sofferman

Climate Change Negotiations and Doha, Qatar, discusses the Climate Change Conference that took place in Doha, Qatar.  This article specifically focuses on the two largest emitters of greenhouse gases, China, and the United States, and explores why China, as a developing country, is not bound to any binding reduction targets for its greenhouse gas emissions, and the United States, as a developed country, would be bound to binding reduction targets, if it signed the Kyoto Protocol.

Accordingly, my comment discusses the need for binding reduction targets for countries that are a part of the Kyoto Protocol, but also acknowledges that developing countries need to continue developing.  The article additionally explores the global need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions overall to prevent catastrophic climate change.


I am a third-year student at Pace University School of Law, where I serve as one of the Note and Comment Editors for the Pace International Law Review.  After graduation I hope to enter the field of Civil Rights litigation.

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