Iraq in Crisis Amid Decade Old Memories of Al-Qaeda By Robert Bejesky

Pace international Law Review is proud to present this weeks guest author Robert Bejesky. Robert Bejesky is an attorney in Michigan who has previously taught at Cooley Law School, the Department of Political Science at the University of Michigan, Alma College, Central Michigan, and the University of Miami. Mr. Bejesky has a JD, LL.M., and MA and has most recently worked as an independent consultant in the Pacific Rim . Mr. Bejesky current article,Iraq in Crisis Amid Decade Old Memories of Al-Qaeda, on the crisis in Iraq discusses how the current turmoil in the nation is a direct result of the United States action in the region:

Reflecting on the recent insurgency in Iraq, Brian Williams opened his segment on the NBC  Nightly News on June 16, 2014 by stating that the events are a “direct outgrowth of the U.S. invasion there over a decade ago.” To some commentators, memories of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi are pertinent to connections between events transpiring during the U.S. military occupation and the current insurgency. For example, in a recent Washington Post article, Joby Warrick provides a biography of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, emphasizes Zarqawi’s role in Iraq after the 2003 invasion
of Iraq, and mentions that “the organization he founded is again on the march.” On June 24, former Vice President Dick Cheney discussed the recent insurgency and stated in an interview that Iraq had been stable: “We had al-Qaeda basically out of Iraq in 2007-2008.”

Bejesky continues to analyze the current state of affairs of Iraq and the great influence the US has had over the nation. Enjoy reading the full article Iraq in Crisis Amid Decade Old Memories of Al-Qaeda.

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